About Us

Monsterdam is an international brand based in Mexico, USA, United Kingdom, with distributors all around the globe We produce the Sexiest and BAD ASS, Panties, Bikinis, Leggings, Boxers, Tank Tops, Tee Shirts and a few more items. 

Using the best technology, the best quality in fabrics and strict quality control, Monsterdam has become a sign of quality and good taste. Now Monsterdam exports to Europe, Asia, US, And Latin America.

  • Monsterdam has more than 6 years now with our online shop
  • Trough our website and our representatives we sell and ship all over the world
  • We have ship to more than 112 cities in 85 countries in: America, Europe, Asia, Russia, Australia, Africa, Latin and Central America,.


We can do Personal, Wholesale and Web Wholesale... For Wholesale please contact us directly.